4WD tour of the charming villages of the Madonie

Discover the most wonderful villages of Sicily: Castelbuono, Petralia Sottana, and Petralia Soprana, through ancient paths of herd transhumance by off-road car. Experience the Madonie, a resource to be enhanced.We depart by 4WD at 9.00 from Cefalù, heading to Castelbuono, a unique Sicilian village in the heart of the Madonie, to discover that still intact and fascinating lesser-known Sicily. We drive the ancient "Trazzere," roads that cross the fields, used for the herd transhumance. We reach and stop in Geraci to visit the castle of the Ventimiglia family, a must-see in the Madonie. After a short drive, we reach Petralia Soprana, the highest village in the Madonie. Its position will amaze us spectacular views: the peaks of Etna, the city of Enna and the mountains of Palermo; the vast valleys and waterways of the surrounding countryside. Its beauty awarded Petralia Soprana in 2018 as "the most beautiful Italian village." Lunch in a typical trattoria with local products and a short walk through the stone village with a medieval structure, between narrow streets, churches and noble palaces. We continue towards the village of Petralia Sottana, through the Urban Geological Path, a unique geological itinerary, with brass studs that show the presence of Miocene fossils, corals on house and church portals, karst caves and water springs in the city center. At an altitude of 1500 meters, we will arrive at Piano Battaglia, in the heart of the Madonie, between the mountainous complex of Pizzo Carbonara and Monte Mufara, in a landscape of immersed naturalistic value.

6/7  hours

Diner drinks, photografic service and pick up and drop

150,00 EURO For PEOPLE